Cancellation, Refund or Change Policy

Ezcash adheres to and stands behind stringent compliance practices and policies undertaking money transfers but cannot be held liable for any delays, loss interruptions or error in transmission of payment or for any mistake or omission or error in deciphering of the message or consequences caused by any reason beyond our control or due to any applicable laws or market practices of beneficiary country.

In a case of a cancellation or refund of a returned payment the following guidelines will apply.

The sender must request for a refund in writing stating the reason and customer number, duly signed by the sender including a copy of his/her passport or driving license. All written refund requests will be subject to review and discretion of Ezcash. For all processed transfers; the sender shall only receive the principal amount minus the refund administration fee.

An administration fee of £5 will be charged for all refunds. The refund charge may vary due to bank charges or exchange rate losses that maybe incurred by Ezcash at the time of a refund.

It would approximately take 5 working days to effect a refund and refund money will only be transferred to the sender bank account.

Any changes or amendments in the details will incur a charge of £5.

We trust that you will appreciate these measures which are designed for your protection as well as ours.
If any complains regards the transaction should be notified within 10 working days.

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